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Designed for small and home based businesses.

Easy to Install
Plug in power, phone lines and network connection.
Run Install CD and click on new system
Easy to use setup interface
Call us for additional remote support if needed

Use a Talkswitch Analog Phone or any standard wired or cordless phone.

Connect Talkswitch IP phones for remote workers or for Multi line functions.

Built in Music on Hold. Customize by adding your own music and messages.

TalkSwitch systems can be expanded by upgrading or networking units together.

Up to 9 customizable Auto Attendants can answer lines automatically or as a backup for your attendant.

Plug in your Fax, modem or interac machine for added flexibility and better use of your phone lines. Fax calls are directed automatically.

VOIP enabled systems can add up to 8 low cost VOIP lines for Direct In Dial lines and extra outgoing capacity.

Talkswitch Features

Free Shipping on all Talkswitch systems

2 Outside Line systems
4 extensions
12 IP phones

4 Outside Line systems
8 extensions
12 IP phones

8 Outside Line systems
8 extensions
12 IP phones


0 VOIP lines


8 VOIP lines



0 VOIP lines


8 VOIP lines


0 VOIP lines


8 VOIP lines

Get 2 Free Months of Voip calling on all VOIP enabled systems

Talkswitch Analog Speakerphones
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Talkswitch IP Speakerphones
Compare talkswitch phones

TS-50e Expansion Module

TS-60B Bluetooth Module

With this module, up to 5 Bluetooth® headsets can be paired with a TS-550i phone.



System upgrades

Memory Upgrades from $100

Adds more time for auto attendant and voicemail messages. 1 hr, 2 hrs, 4 1/2 hrs, and 9 hrs.

8plus VoIP Upgrade

Adds 8 VoIP trunks to a TalkSwitch 240vs, 280vs, 480vs or 840vs.


240plus Upgrade

Adds capacity for 2 traditional phone lines and 4 local extensions to a TalkSwitch 240vs, 244vs or 248vs.


Talkswitch Features List

  • Auto Attendant
    With up to 9 levels of auto attendant, so you can offer multiple options for callers and simple 1 button acces to your staff.

  • Voicemail
    Complete voicemail system with custom greetings and setup options.

  • Dial-By-Name Directory
    Callers can select an extension by dialing the name of the person they want to reach.
  • Built in Music on Hold
    Your choice of music or recorded messages that can advertise your company.

  • Call Transfer, Call Hold and Call Pickup from any phone.

  • Ring Groups
    Ring more than one Phone simultaneously and use different ring patterns to identify types of calls.

  • Call Forward options
    Calls to busy or unanswered phones have the option of leaving a message remaining on hold, or return to the auto attendant.

    Calls can also be forwarded to other extensions or telephone numbers.

  • Call Cascade If your extension is busy, not answered, screened, or on do not disturb, calls can ring a sequence of other extensions or ring groups.

  • Uniform Call Distribution Incoming calls are queued at a ring group if all the group's extensions are busy. Calls are retrieved in the order they arrived as ring group members become available.

  • Manual or Auto Day/Night switching
    Handle incoming calls differently at different times of the day, days of the week and on holidays. TalkSwitch can professionally handle calls during and after regular business hours.

  • Call Conference
    Connect up to 3 parties on one phone call

  • Remote Extensions
    Integrate mobile and remote workers, and give your customers a single number to contact you.

  • Automatic Hotline Calling Automatically dial a set number when a specific phone is picked up. Perfect for door phones.

  • Call Back/Call Bridge Access your office long distance savings plan from anywhere around the world. Lets your long distance savings plan travel with you.

  • Automatic Route Selection
    Automatically send certain kinds of outgoing calls through specific phone lines. All long-distance calls, for example, can use a specific line or group of lines.

  • Toll Restriction
    Prevent unauthorized long-distance calling from any local extension.

  • Call Detail Record
    Assign accounts to calls and track time spent on calls for billing of professional services.

  • Remote Management
    Change configuration of the system remotely.

  • Free Software Upgrades
    Upgrade your TalkSwitch configuration as new features are added

  • Auto Fax Detection
    Route faxes without wasting money on a dedicated fax line.

  • VoIP Enabled* Place branch-to-branch long-distance calls over the Internet and access VoIP services.

  • Voicemail to E-mail Receive e-mail notification of new voicemail, with or without the message attached as an audio file.

  • Call Waiting If another call comes in while you're on the phone, you are notified and the caller ID is displayed. You can easily toggle between calls.

  • System Speed Dials
    Store up to 100 numbers on your system for easy access. Caller-ID Routing Handle calls differently based on where they come from.

  • Intercom Place calls from one extension to another. Public Announcement TalkSwitch can be connected to a PA system, or announcements can be made through the speakers of selected TalkSwitch telephones.

  • Distinctive Ring You can have different kinds of calls handled in different ways. TalkSwitch supports telephone company distinctive ring features.

  • Call Screening Records a caller's name, then plays it to the recipient, who can accept or redirect the call.

  • Line Appearances
    See which lines are available or in use, right on your TalkSwitch IP set. Customize which lines to view for each extension.

    Exclusively available with TS-9133i and TS-480i phones.

  • Multiple Languages
    English, French or Spanish
  • Expandable
    Up to 32 phone lines, 32 VoIP lines and 64 local extensions per location.

    Modular architecture and intelligent networking capabilities allow for flexible office configurations.

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