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SBX IP 320

At station 100:

The system must be in Programming mode. To enter programming mode

Press the [TRANS/PGM] button and dial * #. A confirmation tone will sound.

  • Press the TRANS/PGM button.
  • Dial 178
  • Press the Line 1 button (usually the line 1 button)
  • Dial in the Hour/Minute (eg 1130)
  • Press HOLD/SAVE

    Pick up and hang up the handset

Time/Date changes

The system must be in programming mode to change the date and time

With the phone idle press Transfer, dial 200,

the display will say ENABLE CUST PROG, PASSWORD, dial password 1234.
The display will say ENABLE CUST PROG, DISABLE, press 1 to enable.

Press Transfer, Dial 505

Enter the day of the week
Enter the Month
Enter the day of the month
Enter the year
Enter the hours
Enter the minutes

W,0=Monday -6= Sunday
MM,01-12 = month
YY,05-99 year
HH, 24 hour format
MM, minute

Press Transfer when complete

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