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A great solution if you want a simple, IP based system with the all the right features, including an easy to use web interface.

No central server! Each phone has an outside line connection.
Share phone lines between phones, remote workers and branch offices.

Full Brochure (pdf) 473kb

System Specifications (pdf)

is quick and designed so anyone can set up their own phone system.

  • Plug in the power cord, phone and network cable. Each phone displays a local web page address after initial startup.

  • Use your PC and go to that web address. Fill in the blanks and you're done. Install your whole system in munutes!

Includes Auto Attendant and voicemail system, nothing extra to purchase. All phones support caller ID.

Intercom between any stations locally or remotely.

Fully redundant. Each phone connects to 1 phone line, and will stay connected even during power outages.

Designed for for up to 25 phones.

  • 600PL $299.00 CAD

  • Power supply
  • Network cable
  • phone line cable
  • quick start guide

    1 year warranty

    You'll need at least 1 phone for each outside phone line
    eg: if you have 3 outside lines you need at least 3 phones.

    If you need more outside lines then phones, consider the AAstra Pro 160.

600P without phone line connection also available.



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