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Telephone systems

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4754 Elk Road
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Canada V9E 2E6

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Some commonly asked questions

What's the difference between a line and a station?

A line is a connection to the outside world. Also called a Trunk. A station is where lines are sent to. Aslo called an extension

What's an FXO and FXS port?
You plug lines into FXO ports and plug stations into FXS ports. FXO ports accept dialtone and FXS ports provide dialtone

What's a SIP Trunk?
A SIP trunk is an outside line that uses your internet connection. These telephone lines offer inexpensive long distance rates, and often advanced features that the phone company can't offer. The voice quality is usually quite good and a great solution if you need extra telephone lines.

What's a VoIP or IP phone system?
An VoIP phone system is a telephone system that plugs into your computer network instead of using dedicated wires. Plug and play systems are self configuring systems and a great solution for Small Offices or Home Offices.

What's a Hybrid?
Hybrid systems such as our Vertical SBX IP 320 use dedicated wiring for regular telephones and digital telephones. Some systems can also use IP phones. You get the quality and reliability of wired technology and can add IP capability at any time.

What's a DSS or BLF key?
A DSS stands for Direct Station Selection
, BLF stands for Busy lamp Field. A DSS key lets you call an extension or transfer a call to an extension by pushing one button instead of having to press transfer and dial an extension. A BLF key shows when an extension is in use.

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